History of the Classic Cord
Why I built my own Cord
Engineering and Design
Body Construction 1
Body Construction 2
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 1
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 2
Designed and Fabricated Parts 1
Designed and Fabricated Parts 2
Engineering Changes
Final Modifications

Final Details
MN Registration
The World Debut
More Misadventures

Final Recommendations
Glam Shots

The HBC Store
To Sturgis & Back Game

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Auburn-Cord: The Pride of Indiana -- This page from contains a synopsis of an episode of CARography that featured the history of the Cord. Also contains interesting Cord Factoids.

The Cord Story - 1 page intro to Cord history on the Collectable Cars Gallery site. - site by Clarence Young. Auto dealer promotional models are the primary emphasis here. Promotional auto sales catalogs, showroom visuals, obsolete model car kits and toy cars are also here.







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