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If you're a Cord enthusiast, then this is the site for you. Here you can experience the thrill and frustration of building an entire Cord car from the ground up.This is my tribute to 10 years of blood, sweat, tears, and, finally, thrill of the first drive.

The Otis Cord Project
Bruce P. Otis  Mechanical Engineer

Watch the Maiden Voyage of the completed Cord!       (QuickTime)
to Auburn, Indiana 2008.    See Big Video here...

 Stay informed of additions to this website: More info, pics, and videos coming soon...

History of the Classic Cord
Why I built my own Cord
Engineering and Design
Body Construction 1
Body Construction 2
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 1
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 2
Designed and Fabricated Parts 1
Designed and Fabricated Parts 2
Engineering Changes
Final Modifications

Final Details
MN Registration
The World Debut
More Misadventures

Final Recommendations
Glam Shots

The HBC Store
To Sturgis & Back Game

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   This website documents the history and progress of the design and fabrication of an automobile that resembles the classic Cord.  The philosophy was to build a classic car with modern features such as four wheel disk brakes, four wheel independent suspension, stiff chassis with side crash protection in doors, shoulder belts, tilt wheel, high performance Ford 289 V8 and a Ford top loader four speed.

   Most people think this is a kit or a modified car.  It is not.  The body was fabricated entirely by hand in my garage.  The effort thus far has been almost inconceivable.  It remains a huge effort.   Please do not do this at home.....

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The inspiration - 1937 Cord Model 812





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