History of the Classic Cord
Why I built my own Cord
Engineering and Design
Body Construction 1
Body Construction 2
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 1
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 2
Designed and Fabricated Parts 1
Designed and Fabricated Parts 2
Engineering Changes
Final Modifications

Final Details
MN Registration
The World Debut
More Misadventures

Final Recommendations
Glam Shots

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 Final Modifications    

 Modified commercial turn signal to accommodate high intensity projector driving light in center. 

    Array of yellow LEDs function as park and turn indicators.   (Oct 2005)

   Driving light attached to modified turn signal.  (Oct 2005)

 Door panels and Miata mirrors and test fitted.

New aluminum wheels dramatically improve ride quality

   Initial Headlight retractor mechanism.  (Sept 2005)


    Initial Gravel shield for headlight retractor mechanism.  (Sept 2005)

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