History of the Classic Cord
Why I built my own Cord
Engineering and Design
Body Construction 1
Body Construction 2
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 1
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 2
Designed and Fabricated Parts 1
Designed and Fabricated Parts 2
Engineering Changes
Final Modifications

Final Details
MN Registration
The World Debut
More Misadventures

Final Recommendations
Glam Shots

The HBC Store
To Sturgis & Back Game

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  Chassis - Frame and Suspension - continued

    Sandblasting completed and paint booth cleaned.  Frame ready for paint.  (Aug 2005)

   Frame painted and Corvette rear suspension installed.  Brake and gas lines installed.  (Aug 2005)

   Ford Granada disc brake calipers installed on front suspension.  (Aug 2005)

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