History of the Classic Cord
Why I built my own Cord
Engineering and Design
Body Construction 1
Body Construction 2
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 1
Chassis - Frame and Suspension 2
Designed and Fabricated Parts 1
Designed and Fabricated Parts 2
Engineering Changes
Final Modifications

Final Details
MN Registration
The World Debut
More Misadventures

Final Recommendations
Glam Shots

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   Designed and Fabricated Parts

    Below is a list of parts that had to be designed and fabricated.  The purpose of the list is to show the reader the magnitude of the project and hopefully discourage anyone thinking about following in my foot steps.

  Fiberglass Parts
 Left and right bumper
 Front transmission cover
 Left and right front fender
 Left and right headlamp bucket
 Left and right headlamp gravel shield
 Left and right headlamp motor cover
 Left and right grill
 Left and right door jam
 Windshield cowl
 Cowl panel
 Fire wall panel
 Fuse box cover
 Fuse box emblem
 Left and right windshield wiper control arms
 Front floor pan
 Steering wheel bushing
 Left and right kick panel
 Instrument mounting panel
 Left and right instrument panel
 Heater box
 Heater box cover
 Heater duct
 Defroster duct
 Grill support
 Heater hose clamps
 Transmission cover
 Seat floor pan
 Sun roof
 Convertible roof windshield beam
 Convertible roof cover
 Rear cowl cover
 Left and right doors
 Left and right door mirrors
 Left and right door window trim
 Left and right door panel with snaps
 Left and right door panel
 Left and right gas tanks
 Gas tank cover
 Left and right cover panels
 Battery cover
 Rear of car
 Left and right internal gravel shields
 Left and right external gravel shields
 Trunk lid
 Left and right trunk lid hinge arms
 Trunk floor
 Left and right bumpers

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